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Windows 8.1 consumers: It’s time to move to Update 1

June 10 is the Microsoft-imposed deadline for Windows 8.1 For consumers (BKA Home Users) to move to the Windows 8.1 Update in order to continue to receive future fixes and patches from Microsoft.
Users who are on Windows 8, not Windows 8.1, are not subject to the requirement to move to Windows 8.1 Update by June 10.Business users still have until August 12 to move to the Update for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. 


Why Your Computer Slows Down Over Time

This can start to happen years after you get a PC, but sometimes it happens in just a few short months.

Since we all use our computers for different tasks and activities, there isn’t one single reason that pinpoints why this happens.

The thing is, when you first get a new computer and boot it up it works lightning fast. That’s because it doesn’t have anything on it.

Regardless of whether you have a PC or Mac, over time as you download files, install software, and surf the Internet, your computer gets bloated with files that hog system resources.

We also can’t ignore that fact that for PC users malware and viruses can also contribute to a computer slowing down.



Failing laptop fans can cause serious damage

That annoying hum inside your laptop that grows louder with time. Or maybe it’s a persistent clicking or whirring sound from the fan. Perhaps the laptop’s fan is not audible at all and instead the computer gets very hot and even shuts itself down. All of these symptoms could point to a laptop fan failure.

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Online Backup

Why do so many people never backup their files? Every week I see computers in my shop that have a failed hard drive. Most of the hard drive failures cause total loss of the photos, documents, music, email, etc. After a hard drive failure is not the best time to try to save the files, without a recent backup, the files could already be gone!

Here is how we can help you to backup your precious computer files:


Hensley Computer Repair & Sales is an Authorized Reseller for Nordic Backup Online Backup. I will install Nordic Backup Online Backup and configure it when my customers purchase it from me. Nordic Backup is completely automatic, and best of all, your files are safely stored off-site in case of fire, theft, or any other causes of loss. Read more about Nordic Backup in the article below.

Nordic Backup is a global leader in secure online backup over the internet with customers worldwide. Our customers include small, medium and large size businesses with terabytes of storage to individuals with 1 GB of storage. Since 2003 Nordic Backup has been dedicated to providing the best protection for all your critical files and now we’re looking forward to offering you the best-in-class online backup systems and services.

Nordic Backups state-of-the-art file backup system spares you the work of changing and storing backup tapes, burning DVDs or copying your files to external hard drives. Nordic Backup is fully automatic, so you no longer need to worry about your day-to-day backup requirements.

You only have two requirements: an internet connection and our Nordic Backup software.

Nordic Backup encrypts your files on your own computer, so they cannot be read by others, either when they’re sent to Nordic Backup or when they’re stored at Nordic Backup. After each backup you’ll receive an e-mail with the status of what the backup has run and what changes were registered.

Nordic Backup supports all major operating systems, Microsoft Exchange, databases and Bare Metal Restore. We have highly secured mirrored datacenters and provide free 24/7 technical support. Nordic Backup requires no startup costs, no pre-payment and no contract. You get the market’s best price for the online storage you need, and you can freely increase and decrease your storage space as you need it.


The first call from a cell phone was made 40 years ago yesterday

The world has gone from monster handsets to pocket-sized portable computers.
What’s next?
Mind control technologies. Could you imagine that one day in the future all you have to do is think of a message and then the person you want to send it to on then instantly that message is transfer to the other person mind won’t that be something.