Microsoft confirms it’s dropping Windows 8.1 support

Since Microsoft wants to ensure that customers benefit from the best support and servicing experience and to coordinate and simplify servicing across both Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8.1 RT and Windows 8.1, this update will be considered a new servicing/support baseline… beginning with the May Patch Tuesday, Windows 8.1 user’s devices without the update installed will no longer receive security updates. This means that Windows 8.1 users – starting patch Tuesday in May 2014 and beyond – will require this update to be installed. If the Windows 8.1 Update is not installed, those newer updates will be considered “not applicable.”

Users must get Windows 8.1 Update if they want security patches

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Apple releases iOS 5.1.1; addresses three Safari vulnerabilities

Apple today released iOS 5.1.1 (build 9B206, 54.4 MB) for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. According to the release notes iOS 5.1.1 addresses the following:

  • Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut
  • Addresses bugs that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and 3G networks
  • Fixes bugs that affected AirPlay video playback in some circumstances
  • Improved reliability for syncing Safari bookmarks and Reading List
  • Fixes an issue where ‘Unable to purchase’ alert could be displayed after successful purchase.
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Virus and malware protection for the Mac

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of having antivirus and malware protection, I’m going to suggest a few Apps from the Mac App Store for protecting your Mac.

Bitdefender: Virus Scanner is free, one of the few that boasts the ability to detect Flashback, and is capable of scanning for potential Windows threats that could be tucked away in an email.

ClamXav is also free and uses the open source antivirus engine ClamAV known for it’s fast definition releases.

Kaspersky Virus Scanner $9.99, is a well known application for the PC. What you get with this app is reliable definition updates and streamlined performance; when speed is important, performance might be the determining factor.

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Virus and malware protection for the Mac

Previously, I discussed ways that you can reduce the risk of contracting malware on Macs. I prefer to discuss security measures that don’t require additional software, but at times, you need tools that can better tackle the problem when managing large environments is your responsibility. It can also be much easier to deploy software and let the software manage the responsibility of monitoring the environment rather than micro-managing each machine individually. The selection of malware and antivirus applications for the Mac are sparse, but they’re solid, having learned from their PC counterparts.


5 Things I hates about software vendors

1.The lack of regular and predictable software updates
2.Unreasonable and unpredictable maintenance fee increases
3.The inability to end support contracts for products that are no longer used
4.A lack of clearly defined and guaranteed response times for support, and
5.The inability to structure support so critical systems get the highest priority.

What are your biggest complaints about software vendors and support contracts? Let us know in the comments section.