Does it still make sense to buy a desktop PC?

Who’s still buying them? Today, with my smartphone always by my side, my tablet, and my laptop that I lug around occasionally, I do wonder if anyone really needed to buy a desktop PC at all.

Read for yourself! New for 1989, the Tandy 5000 MC Professional System. Fully loaded with 20 MHz Intel 80386 Microprocessor. VGA Graphics. 2 MB RAM (16 MB Capacity). Yes, 2 MB! And for only $8499.00 it didn’t include monitor and mouse. Other available models: Tandy 5000 MC with 40 MB Hard Disk Drive 6499.00. Tandy 5000 MC with 84 MB Hard Disk Drive 6999.00. Again, they’re talking MB, not GB! We’ve come a long, long way in 20 years! tandy-5000-mc