Family Reunion

Say No More Family Reunion Activities

December 22nd- January 1st 2011

Thursday 22nd: Flashbacks: Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane
Friday 23rd: Freak night & Movie night with snacks
Saturday 24: Breakfast @ Marriott,Games Night & Preparation for Sunday luncheon
Sunday 25th: Church Service,Luncheon & gift exchange
Monday 26th: Beach picnic
Tuesday 27th: Nevis day trip,Caribbean cinemas
Wednesday 28th: Train ride in St. Kitts and Island tour
Thursday 29th: Shopping day or Rain forest trail & Barbecue in the evening
Friday 30th: Day in town,Shiggidy Shack in the evening
Saturday 31st: Free day, Old year’s night service
Sunday 1st Jan: New Year’s service

Thursday 22nd: Embeam’s house
Friday 23rd: Half way tree Community centre
Saturday 24th: Marriott, Irma’s resident
Sunday 25th: Evangelistic Faith
Monday 26th: Cockleshell
Tuesday 27th: Nevis Haven, sunshine bar
Wednesday 28th: Island tour meets in Basseterre.
Thursday 29th: Embeam’s house
Friday 30th: Basseterre, Frigate Bay
Saturday 31st: Winston church
Sunday 1st: Half way Tree Church of God

1 Covan
2 Winston
3 Curlette
4 Emmette
5 Oneil
6 Eula
7 Linston
8 Lovell
9 Kenroy
10 Consie
11 Oming
12 Irma
PS for those of you that like to take part in the family reunion and will not be able to make it please record a video of yourself and family with a message to Embeam (Grandmother or Mother) and upload to YouTube and send me the link by e-mail
all video will be played on the night of a trip down memory Lane.