How safe is your PC? Here is some things to check today.

Yes, IT should make sure every company PC has all the proper protections installed. But it’s your information that could be compromised if they didn’t.

Or, considering how much of your company’s sensitive financial information you have access to, you could unintentionally compromise that.

That’s why it’s well worth checking your machine has all the most critical safeguards and that you’re practicing “safe clicks.”

A two-minute rundown of these best practices for securing your computer can let you know if you and your fellow finance staffers are doing all you can … or whether you need some extra protection:

Security software

Yes, almost every company has some sort of software to protect from viruses. But there are actually four different types of security software that should be on every finance PC. Make certain yours has:

­­­­Anti virus protection. The most common protection – you probably have this. But make sure it stays up to date.

Anti Spyware. Spyware is rampant these days and can particularly harm Finance by accessing account numbers, passwords, payment information.

A program like Identity Finder that will help you search for, protect, and dispose of personal information stored on your computer or file shares.

Software to track when any applications on your PC are either out of date or are in need of a security update.

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