Apple’s security reality is changing right before our eyes.

Apple customers for years have taken the view—inspired by the company’s commercials—that its software is safer. If you have a Mac there’s no need for anti-virus software. That is not so today!

Here’s Apple’s chain of events over the last month:

  • Mac Defender malware attacks Apple users.
  • Apple remains mostly silent and tries to thread the customer service needle.
  • Apple then announces a fix and that a future update will put Mac Defender to bed with an update.
  • Evil doers launch a new renamed version just a few hours later. The new malware is renamed (predictable) and split into two parts, a downloader that delivers a payload similar to Mac Defender (not so predictable).

Does any of this sound familiar? It should. Microsoft went through this same learning process with its security procedures. Microsoft had to button down its security operations and today is able to fend off a lot of attacks.

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