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The Blue Screen of Death

Why do I have this blue screen that says "a fatal exception has occurred"? What is this error message "a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"? In geek culture, you haven’t lived until you’ve come face-to-face with the Blue Screen of Death. And you’re not really considered a true geek until you’ve recovered a computer that’s "blue screening." For the rest of humanity though, the Blue Screen of Death is about as confusing and terrifying as a computer error message could possibly be.

  • My computer starts up and then gets a blue screen error before I can log in.
  • My computer gets a blue screen error and then restarts before I can even read it.
  • My computer works most of the time, but occasionally gets a blue screen error.
  • My computer has been blue screening ever since I added new hardware, and I can’t get rid of it even though I tried removing the new hardware.
  • My computer gets a blue screen error and I’m stuck, I can’t even shut it off.
  • My computer starts up but I get a blue screen error message and can’t go any further.
  • My computer flashes a blue screen really quickly then restarts.
  • My computer only blue screens when I start a particular program. Otherwise it seems to be running normally.